Member Benefits

  1. Since 2001 when WITS was first founded, WITS has worked diligently to acquire and digitize books by W.D. Gann and many books on W.D. Gann’s “reading list”. The books are both downloadable and printable.  We have both of W.D. Gann’s Master Courses; his Stock and Commodity courses, along with high resolution charts and squares contained in the courses.  The goal of this library of books is to better educate our members.

  2. The bulletin board posting in the sites is a unique concept.  It allows both you and others to ask specific detailed questions and receive answers from individuals that have been in the field and know the answers to these questions. We believe this GREATLY increases the speed at which you can learn.  Try finding this level of professionalism on other bulletin boards

  3. From the bulletin board, you can email an individual directly and often the individual is willing to share even more information privately with you.

  4. We have developed our free Webinars for our members,  Even the software to attend our Webinars is free to members.  WITS picks up this bill! These Webinars are on trading and other topics that have application to the field.

  5. Free books authored by WITS members only available to other WITS members. This includes educational content to speed your development and understanding along.

  6. Free Videos.  We have created and are expanding our library of videos and audio’s recordings that are only available to members.

  7. Seminars and conferences – These are held at different locations with a twofold purpose; to bring members together for sharing information, and networking.
    Many members have reported they learn just as much from networking as they do from the presentations themselves. This of course speeds up your learning!

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