When you subscribe to the Wheelsinthesky Financial Market Forum (“WITS”), you agree to these Terms and Conditions of Membership.

Terms and Conditions of Membership:

When you become a member, you agree that you have read and fully understood our Disclaimer and that you agree to these Terms and Conditions of Membership. You understand and agree that you will not rely on any views of any member or moderator (or any other information or Content they provide to WITS) without first seeking professional advice. You agree that you will not commence legal action or seek compensation, damages, fees or expenses from any moderator, member or owner of WITS for any reason whatsoever related to membership of WITS, including any information or Content provided to you or by you, (except as a result of a breach by a Member of these Terms and Conditions of Membership) and if you do so, then you will fully indemnify the member, moderator or owner of WITS for any damages, fees, costs or expenses they incur. You agree that the above agreements shall continue even after you are no longer a member of WITS.

WITS respects copyright and intellectual property and it is a condition of membership that you do not post any material that infringes any other person’s rights, including copyright. Members and moderators own the copyright to their own original posts and any correspondence they may have with you. Members and moderators may also own copyright over other Content including charts, graphs, attachments and E-books they provide to WITS. It is a condition of membership that you do not post to other groups or publish in any way another members or moderators posts, information or Content without first obtaining the relevant members or moderators written permission and that you agree that you will fairly compensate the relevant member or moderator if you breach this condition of membership. This compensation shall include any fees (including all legal fees), costs (including all communication costs), any all expenses incurred in enforcing this condition of membership. You agree that this requirement for written permission and the right to compensation shall continue even after you are no longer a member of WITS.

Members are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Any rude or abusive conduct may result in loss of posting privileges. You are free to ask questions, but please treat other members in a manner that you would like them to treat you. You agree that you will not harass other members or excessively send email to them if they choose to only release part of the methods they are using. They have spent many years of hard work and research developing these methods so you may need to earn their respect before they will release confidential or proprietary information to you.


WITS is a SPAM free group. The moderators at their sole discretion shall determine what constitutes SPAM. In general, any direct or indirect reference or links to paid services will be considered as SPAM unless it is pre-approved by the moderators.

Breach of these terms and conditions:

Any breach of these Terms and Conditions of Membership may, at the sole discretion of the moderators, result in temporary or permanent loss of your posting privileges and/or removal/modification of the offending information or Content. Certain behavior, including excessive rude or abusive behavior or breach of copyright or conduct that is contrary to the best interests of WITS, may, at the sole discretion of the moderators, result in the cancellation of your membership without compensation or repayment of membership fees for the unexpired period.

Terms of use of the website, Yahoo group or other group facilities:

Members agree that they will not post viruses, Trojans or any malicious code or software of any kind. Anyone visiting our website, archives or group pages agrees that they will not hack the site or facilities or purposely damage the website or facilities in any way or that they will not breach any of Yahoo’s terms and conditions. If you do so, then you agree to compensate moderators, members or the owners for any damages, fees costs or expenses they sustain due to your breach of these Terms and Conditions of Membership.


Any actions or proceedings arising in connection with these terms and conditions shall be tried and litigated exclusively in the State and Federal Courts located in Illinois, USA. Members hereby waive any right they may have to assert the doctrine of forum non convenience or similar doctrine or to object to venue with respect to any proceeding.

Change to these terms and conditions:

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. The moderators undertake to inform members that they should review these terms and conditions via the Yahoo site or its successor group/site.

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