About W. D. Gann and George Bayer:
W.D. Gann made 286 trades in 1 month. Of these trades 264 were profitable, making his success rate 92%. Furthermore W.D. Gann predicted exact prices in advance saying "U.S. Steel will not go to 95." he sold it at 94 7/8 and it never touched 95. These trades were all audited and are a matter of financial record. W.D. Gann made annual forecasts of financial markets consistently with a success rate around 90%. Likewise George Bayer made market forecasts that were just as accurate. Unfortunately, both men are deceased, leaving behind only their financial records, forecasts and books (which we have on our site.)

W.D. Gann had a success rate on trades that exceeded 90%. This was documented in both Magazine Interviews and audited financial statements. Similarly George Bayer wrote market predictions that exceeded 90% in accuracy. Both men wrote extensively about their methods and we have that material in our E-Library. All members have complete access to our extensive library of over 80 E-books including.

Partial list from our online library of over 80 e-books and rare articles:

Books Written By George Bayer:

Complete Course
George Wollsten
Handbook of Trend Determination
Turning 400 years into practical use
Egg of Columbus
Time Factors in the Stock Market
Previews of the Markets
Bible Interpretation
Gold Nuggets
EXTREMELY RARE Bayer Magazine Articles.

Books Written By W.D. Gann:

Complete Master Stock Course
Complete Master Commodity Course
15 Gann Charts that come with the Master Courses,
including Square of 144, 90 and 52,
Hexagon Chart Square of 9 etc.
How to Make Profits Trading in Puts and Calls
Mathematical Formula’s
Composition of Gann Rare Writings

Gann’s Recommended Reading List:

(yes, understanding number systems is an important part of “cracking” Gann’s system)

Philosophy of Numbers
Mysteries of Sound and Number
Day of Wisdom according to Numbers
Power of Numbers
Philosophy of Number Vibration
Numerology Made Plain

Turbo 5:

A mp3 created by one of the founders of the group discussing one of the most important elements of Gann’s methods, time cycles. This is part of a series of audio files.


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