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The goal of any trader is to maximize profits while minimizing losses.

In order to effectively do this the trader has only 2 options. Find and study what has worked for others who are successful at trading a particular way or reinvent the wheel. If the individual chooses to study successful traders that have a proven track record the name W. D. Gann will continue to “pop-up”. W. D. Gann is legendary.

One of W. D. Gann’s main goals was to make speculation a profitable profession. So much so that he wrote a book with that title. It is this mind-set that Wheels In The Sky (WITS) has adopted.

What about W. D. Gann’s track record? Over his lifetime, Gann maintained a percentage of 85% to 93% winning trades while minimizing losses. Again the individual has a choice. One can study W.D. Gann’s methods or one can study less effective systems.

If you choose to study what works, W. D. Gann’s methods, you truly will not find a more complete resource of books, traders, webinars and seminars than right here at WITS.

For those that are new to W.D. Gann’s track record, what follows is an introduction:

“The proof of the value of these rules is that I have followed them myself in actual trading, I have made the money and kept it. I quote from a certified public accountant report of my trading record covering the period from April 11 to July 31 1933; ‘You made a total of 344 trades in stocks, cotton, rubber and grains. 310 of these trades showed profits and 34 losses. Your percentage on accuracy was 89% on the total number of trades. The capital on which you operated increased 26 ½ times. On each $1000 of capital with which you started, you made a profit of $26,500 net’. During August and September 1933 I made 56 trades in cotton and rubber:53 showed profits and 3 showed small losses” – W.D. Gann

One New York attorney says: “ I am very glad to write you a letter stating my personal observation of the application of your system to trading in cotton. On November 30, 1923 starting with a capital of $923, you showed a clear profit of over $30,000 on the close of business on January 28, 1924.”

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