I have spent countless dollars and years researching Gann's material from seminars, study groups, books and websites. Looked high and low for answers and then came across WITS through a friend. Having looked through lots of helpful posts from others sharing their findings, ideas and outcomes I have come to find the correct paths of study on Gann. I am amazed how much can be learned from one website and how I have been able to apply it to my trading with great success. I have been able to turn knowledge gained from WITS into a trading system which is regularly improving my cash holdings. As I learn more, I earn more.

MB, Melbourne, Australia

WITs is a site that provides an unparalled amount of Gann-related knowledge for an extraordinary value. There is simply no other place where someone can attain the breadth of material that is available to one once they sign up. The stock and commodity books alone are worth so much more but the real treasure & goal is the holistic integration of ALL the historical postings, materials, and numerous books from a variety of authors that have been made available over the last 10 years. Once one submits themselves to a regular course of study, they should be prepared to have both their mental and spiritual boundaries challenged. The collective quality of the individuals who I have had contact and to whom I've made friendships has greatly enriched my own life for which I am so grateful. Thank-you WITs.

GD Canada

I first heard about Wheels in the Sky from a trader friend of mine who was showing me a bit of astrology. I was fascinated, but had no idea where to start as this was a subject about which I knew nothing. What I saw in the WITS site really opened my eyes. Here was a Forum, which has now been going for nearly 10 years, with contributions from traders and researchers who had been around the market for decades. What is more, they were willing to share a lot of the fruits of their research.

TW Australia

I found that the WITS group were dedicated to much more than understanding how markets operate. The laws which govern the markets are the same laws which govern everything in this universe. This becomes a journey not only of discovery but of self-discovery, which I have been pursuing in various ways for most of my life. I have received help personally from some of the members, and have been really touched by their generosity.
Fortunately, each year there is a WITS conference, which is a chance to meet up with other members. There are great learnings and many benefits to be gained here. I have recommended WITS to a number of my friends, who have joined and also been very impressed with the resources and help available.
This is a huge and fascinating field and I still consider myself a relative newcomer. The rewards I have gained from the WITS group have enriched my life and my trading and give me great enthusiasm for the future.

TW, Australia

I came to WITS without an understanding of cycles but a belief something was the cause. Little did I know how the relationships and the wisdom of the members, staff, knowledge database and library of books would change my life. I have found the answers to the markets and life I was looking for.

J.S. Florida

I have been researching and trading Gann based techniques for the past 20 years and first became involved with WITS around 2000. Since that time I believe WITS has remained the leading internet forum for Gann researchers and traders. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced Gann trader, the historical database of posts relating to ‘Tunnel Thru the Air’ or the ongoing posts of experienced traders are a huge value to any trader.

SW - London

"WITS has, during the several years I have been a member, been sort of
like a family to me in my quest for cycle knowledge and trading skills.
It is sincere, honest, and has more depth than you could imagine, and I
sincerely hope it will show you too why truth really is stranger than

M.F. - Sweden

Thank you WITS for providing the helpful environment as well as the knowledge base to learn about the teachings of WD Gann and others. The past and ongoing posts by members are an invaluable source of information for the study of all aspects relating to the movement of financial markets. This is definitely the best Gann site ‘out there’

F.D. - Australia

In 2005 I found the WITS group on Yahoo.com and read the post about a seminar that was held in Paris.
It was that moment that I realize that those people are more than special.
I have visit so many disappointed seminar that I now had to call BA, the founder of WITS before I visit his seminar.
In this short telephone conversation he let me know that “This might be the opportunity of Your Life”, and those word where the reason that I had to meet this guy.
An indeed he was right, It change my life completely, in the way I was thinking and in the way how to approach the marked like a Gann trader.
WITS is the real answer to anybody who are serious about trading successfully.
Thank you BA for your excellent seminars and instructions that you gave me over the years.
I am proud to be a WITS member and honorable to write this testimonial.

R.L. Netherlands

"WITS has been the best all-inclusive source for Gann material that I have seen. I have been a member for years and truly treasure it. While some sites offer very few original ideas, the problem with WITS is that there are too many leads and ideas to research! It would take a lifetime to even begin to try them all. There is something for everyone here, both the beginner and the advanced student. There is also an incredible library of e-books and lessons that is unmatched elsewhere. Any member may download these for free. WITS is also careful about preventing copyrighted material from being uploaded -- a detail that some sites seem to ignore. I am glad to be a part of such a fine site as WITS."

R.R. -- Kansas City, MO

I was introduced to WITS by a very dear friend of mine about four years ago. It was like getting a super charged dose of REALITY! At first, I was totally interested in just learning W.D. Gann's secrets to trading. I have learned a tremendous amount of that knowledge and trade with it. As time has past, an entirely new door has been opened to me. For the First Time in my life, I actually feel comfortable with an answer to Why We Are Here. I don't know what else I could say after that statement. Life now has meaning. Thank you WITS.


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